Monday, March 15, 2010

New Korean Air TV Ads to Boost Tourism Ties with Australia

To celebrate 20 years of flying to Australia, Korean Air today launches a new series of TV commercials in Korea to strengthen its tourism ties with Australia.

Thanks to its vibrant environment for business, education and culture, Australia has long been a popular destination. Korea’s Incheon Airport not only serves as a gateway to Australia for Koreans, but a growing number of travelers from China and Europe have also discovered the benefits of transiting via Incheon to Australia. To better serve this increasingly busy route, Korean Air flies daily between Incheon and Sydney, as well as thrice weekly to Melbourne and five times per week to Brisbane.

A crew of over 25 people invested more than 2 weeks to produce the ads spotlighting Australia as an exciting destination for the 20-30 age group. The Korean Air produced TV ads highlight the unique environment and breathtaking beauty of the land that is affectionately called “Down Under.”

As the title sponsor of “On-Game-Net Channel’s Starcraft League” online game in Korea, the airline invited one of the league’s top gamers to star in the ads. Through the eyes of the gamer, the ads aim to draw the viewers into the ads as the gamer scales the Sydney Harbour Bridge, cruises around the Great Barrier Reef, and soars above the land’s endless horizon on a hang-glider. Other magnificent scenes showcased in the ads include an exhilarating coastal drive along the Great Ocean Road.

As many as 162,000 Koreans have visited Australia in the first eleven months of 2009, according to the Australian Tourism Board. For two decades now Korean Air has served as a bridge between North Asia and Australia for countless travelers with its award winning service.

Korean Air expects the ads to help boost the number of visitors to Australia.

Australia - Great Barrier Reef

Australia - Hang Gliding

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