Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Korean Air’s 3rd SkyTeam Livery Aircraft

Korean Air made public of its third SkyTeam livery aircraft on November 7.

Korean Air’s third SkyTeam livery aircraft that presented itself is a B737-800. The newly wrapped aircraft with a configuration of 149 seats will operate short-haul routes including China, Japan and South East Asia.

SkyTeam’s “Caring More About You” philosophy remains consistent throughout the member airlines, and the unified SkyTeam livery serves as further proof of this consistency. The delicate design includes features such as the dark blue SkyTeam logo on the tail fin and the SkyTeam name in large, dark blue letters along the front side of the fuselage.

The first aircraft wrapped in SkyTeam colors, a B777-200 with a configuration of 260 seats, began its operation in 2009 and the second aircraft, a B737-800 in 2011.

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